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Our Adult Day Habilitation Program is Coming Soon for Mercer County, Now Servicing Clifton, NJ for Afterschool Care with transportation!!

Our Mission
Our mission is to Support Prepare Advocate & Guide our Special Needs families into a more calm, efficient and effective state of being. 

Support: We support our families by providing afterschool care, weekend recreational programming, in-home care, and summer camp to their special needs children giving parents a well needed break while decreasing the numbers of special needs children being institutionalized. 

Prepare: Our staff and volunteers will train and connect our families to resources other community opportunities to learn and grow in an effort to prepare them to be their own advocate and to advocate for others. 

Advocate: Our staff and volunteers will continue to show up and be present as we advocate for our families and children who’s needs and rights must be protected and upheld.

Guide: Our staff and volunteers will direct and guide our families into a better quality of life. Our staff and volunteers will connect families with available resources through other local community organizations that will help them with a wide variety barriers and issues that add to the daily stress in addition to having to care for a child with a special need or disability. 

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