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Our Adult Day Habilitation Program is Coming Soon for Mercer County, Now Servicing Clifton, NJ for Afterschool Care with transportation!!

We assist with issues with prior to age 3 by providing assistance with the transition into Public School by ensuring that the child is appropriately placed with attainable goals in their Individualize Education Plan. Students that attend our After School and Weekend Recreational Programs are provided an advocate, on an as needed or annual basis, to ensure that the student's needs are met in all areas; not limited to out of school programming.

Through our Advocacy Program we provide families with an advocate which will handle disputes with the family's school district, including mediation and due process. We attend meetings with parents, and assist with drafting letters to their respective school districts, if necessary. Special Parent Advocacy Group also handles advocacy issues on a larger scale, by filing systematic complaints to NJDOE Office of Special Education (OSEP) if we find a violation that could be affecting numerous students within a district.
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Below are some articles that show some of our larger cases, which have affected numerous students.

The Problem:

Trenton School Transportation Issues


Trenton Agrees to Transport Special Needs Children

The Problem:

Blatant Special Education Violations


NJDOE issued a corrective action plan, and compensatory services, for all students affected is a part of the plan.

Our other Advocacy Efforts include parent training on Special Education Rights, and IEP basics through our partnership with NJ Special Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN) Start Project. We provide the parents with the information that they need to empower them so that they can best advocate for their child. We also assist families with finding other resources for their child(ren). Special Parent Advocacy Group provides One-on-One support to assist families with their application to PreformCare for their child(ren)'s DD Eligibility. Once approved the DD Eligibility opens the families up for additional services including free Respite Care and Summer Camp.  

If you or someone you know is in need of advocacy services, please contact us to schedule an appointment to speak with someone.
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